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​On march 24, Extia Portugal gave its first event, with its first historical consultant Krystyna Shvets, Web Developer. She took the opportunity to present her daily routine, what she likes and how she works with PHP. 

First of all, she started by presenting PHP, the history of this technology, the emergence of new version and new framework. Then, she answered to this simple question: What is PHP? 

PHP is an object-oriented programming language used for website, scripting… native of with other frameworks, easily extendable by other languages. She explained us the difference with Scripting language, that is, for example, referring to the code. The code has to be compiled before it’s executed whereas in Scripting, the code is usually executed before without compiling.  

PHP mainly worked on Apache server and web server software, it is being mainly used with MySQL, however, it can be used with any database.

It is the most popular and frequently used world wide scripting language, the main reason for its popularity is: it is open source and very simple.

The main features of PHP:

- simplicity,

- efficiency,

- flexibility,

- open source,

- error reporting,

- platform independent.

One of the biggest advantages of using PHP is that the developer do not need to worry about the operating on which the user is working as the PHP code can run without any error on any operating system. 

Krystyna, also mentioned some cons to use PHP:

- not fit for huge application,

- external dependency.

How to install PHP? Is it Working directly or with a framework? That was some of the questions she answered in this second part. That second part of the event was focused on basically How to install PHP and how to use it well. 

To finish, she gave us a live example by building a movie platform website with PHP, to show us how easy it to build a website from scratch and how to build it the way we want. 

See you soon for the next Comet' by Extia Portugal event. Until then, don't hesitate to follow us on our Twitter page @CometByExtia and to visit our website dedicated to our events.

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