Extia - First who, then what!

Who are we?
Without ambition,
there is no talent

Who are we?

EXTIA: n.f. Engineering consulting company. Synonym: "First who, then what! "

We offer a unique approach of consulting, combining performance and well-being at work. Driven by a strong growth since our creation in 2007, we now have 2 000 employees in Europe.  Extia provides innovative solutions for clients in a wide range of sectors including Media & Technology, Finance, Telecommunication, Healthcare, Energy, Transport, Aeronautic, Space and Defence. 70% of Stock Exchange listed companies are part of our clients.

Agile consulting approach


​We assist our clients in every step of their development by providing expertise, whether they need technical assistance competences & skills or a fixed-price commitment service package.

What makes us special is our agile approach to our clients’ requirements. Being agile means being able to welcome change and seek continuous improvement.  We nurture diversity of projects to constantly enhance our vision and services for our customers benefit.  Support and collaboration with our clients and consultants has a sole purpose: maximise value creation.

Strong corporate culture


​Offering everyone a positive experience into its ecosystem is the main HR goal of Extia.

As the experience of employees is more important than their time in the company, Extia has to permit their emancipation as a person and a staff member in a positive way. That is why Extia encourages a management based on transparency, partnership and self-improvement.

Extia encourages empowerment and knowledge sharing with one objective: the pleasure of working together. Because a successful company should also be a great place to work, we strive every day to maintain a nurturing environment for our employees and therefore our position on the charts of being a "Great Place to Work". In 2020, we have been ranked 1st by the Great Place to Work Institute, among French companies between 500 and 5 000 employees.

Talents incubator!


​The HR policy of Extia is to build a playground that makes each employee more employable and skilled.

Extia takes into consideration the employee’s wishes and gives him the confidence he needs to see through his project. In an agile way, Extia gives responsabilities to its employees and encourages a spirit of innovation to make the company grow.

That is how the 15 agencies in France and Europe and the 6 engineering offices of Extia were born, thanks to its employees initiatives.

Training also means a lot to Extia who have created a labor environment that favours the sharing of knowledge and the development of skills. Last year, about 60% of Extians have been trained.

Innovation, audacity, and listening... together, anything is possible!

​The greatest achievements are often the result of the most unique ideas, which is why we always listen to our employees. Together, our ideas come to life, enabling us to evolve and offer new services to our clients. The creation of our agile digital agency Kilix, our innovation centre and our Telecoms and CFD engineering office are proof of this belief.

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